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So, as a 52 year old, I am not particularly au fait with all this computer business - I just like to sew and knit!  The next generation are the experts and I turn to  my 3 daughters (23, 21 and 14 years old) to advise me on such issues!  My eldest daughter, Rosanna, set up my Facebook page a few years ago and Kate is often on hand when I am stuck, whereas Alana at 14, moves through life on her iphone!  Rosanna recently set up an Instagram account for me, in order to post pictures of my makes, as I don't have an iphone (I know, unbelieveable isn't it!).  I may buy an Ipad at some stage, as the Instagram account is working well! (

Yesterday, a very nice man from Yell came to talk to me about advertising with them and it was a very useful meeting for me, so this morning I am following up on a few of the hints he gave me!

I have added a picture of my cabinet in Lifestyle (Hitchin) to my home page; I opened the cabinet a few months ago and have been busy creating items in a retro style, to go with the emporium, with some sales success - lots more work to do there, though!  Here is a pic of the cabinet taken yesterday:

29th June

Many of the items in my cabinet are one offs, but if there is anything you are interested in, I can collect them from the shop next time I go in, but, as I made them, I can usually reproduce them specially for you.

Well, that is it for now - happy home making!



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