About V Shaped Pillowcases


I have designed these V shaped pillowcases to fit a standard V pillow pad and they measure approximately (give or take a few centimetres) 71cm (28") down each leg and 36cm (14") across the width of each leg; there is an envelope flap at the end of one leg for fitting.

Here is a picture of how you should measure your V pillow:-

 v pillowcase measurements

When purchasing a V shaped pillowcase, it is helpful if you measure your V pillow pad to ensure that these measurements are right for you - some V pillow pads are filled more than others and an extra few centimetres around the cover makes them easier to fit. (For measurement A, you need to measure from seam to seam on your pad.)

All fabrics are machine washed before sewing, to avoid any shrinkage.

 V shaped pillowcases are used by many people at different stages in their lives, or simply for comfort and decorative effect!

 Doctors recommend them for all stages of pregnancy, to support your "bump" while resting, then as an aid to breast feeding (as recommended by the NCT).  I found a V pillow particularly useful as a supportive surround, when my babies were just learning to sit up on their own.

 V pillows are a great support for your back, neck and shoulders, whether you are sitting in a chair or a bed.

 Doctors also recommend V pillows for people suffering with chronic problems such as arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, chronic fatigue, or fibromyalgia.